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It's Up To Us

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We stand for freedom of choice, freedom of movement and freedom of communication

We are a collective voice that supports and unifies people and networks around the world

We're An Evolving Movement

Invite your friends to join the global conversation.


Who We Are

We are a diverse and expanding network.

We are professional athletes, nurses, teachers, actors, doctors, artists, parents, musicians, firefighters, public figures, journalists and extended groups of people that are uniting across the planet.

We have great hope for the future, and are joining as one voice to speak out for freedom.

Get Involved

Want to speak out?

Balancing your professional reputation with your desire to speak up can be a challenge! We are here to support you.

Use your voice to amplify stories, raise awareness and educate communities by leveraging your brand and your own platforms.

What we offer

  • A private community to connect with others navigating these challenges
  • Connecting with support mechanisms to keep your energy high

Want support?

We're here to support and inspire people to organise themselves and raise awareness in their own communities.

We connect you to the movements, organisations and activities that align with your experience and interests.

What we offer

  • Support from your community by connecting you with groups local or relevant to you
  • Support from our community
  • Resources

Want to align?

Our network of people with influence are here to support your mission and what you stand for.

We partner with values-aligned organisations to amplify your message and bring support to your great work.

What we offer

  • We can share your activities with our community and network
  • We can connect you with people with influence who may be willing to support your cause